Task Huni

Me is be named Task


A 7’4" Half-Orc most easily compared to a Pitbull. Friendly, but defensive of those he cares for. Slightly easier to train, and just as lovable.


Task has be go on adventures. Sometimes is be help friend. Sometimes weird thing is be happen. Weird is be happen when Task is be get hurty kind of hurting in help friend. Task is still be look for Ina. But since Task was be lick glowy-purple-green-taste, Task is no be see Ina. Task is be miss Ina, but is be feel like Task is see her.

Old School Task Bio

Me is be named Task. Me is be also be named Huni. Me has the big name Task Huni. Me is of size of big. Much big. Most friends only up to Task shoulder. maybe they small than that. Task lost easily. But me have much friends. everyone be nice to Task. Me no like when friends get the hurtings. Me protect the friends. Friends like when me no let them be hurtings. Friends give Task food and soft sleep place sometimes. Task has bestest friend. Bestest friend is named Arqueros. Arqueros much big. More big than Task! Task only big to Arqueros below shoulder. Arqueros give Task the foods and soft sleep place before Task got the biggers. Task has the the big shield and the big sword. Me like the big things. Big things be of helpings Task protect small friends. Task like protect small friends. Me is good at rules too. While me think gov-er-ner-ment is silly, has good rules usually. Me thinks sharing is better than shiny coins. but persons like the shiny coins. Task can understand the likings of shiny things, but water more shiny than the coins. and It no get dirty. Coins get dirty. Task like water. But Task no can swim. Task has big shield and it no like water. Task also no know how swim. But me no need swim when feet can bottom-touch. then me can walk water. but too deep sometimes. Me get sad then. Task has to find other water acrossing. Usually a floaty. But to get floating Task has to ask friend. Friend is often inside and door is too small. Me bump head. Is of be hurting, but not hurty kind of hurting. Me is excited to trip with friends. protect friends from meanness while trip. Task Huni is besterest at protect friends. That is what Task say, but me know Arqueros is bestererest at protect friends. Arqueros help Task at being besterest. Task a Pal-uh-din for of Arqueros. Means Task besterest friends.

Task Huni

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