Avengnerds: Assmeble!

The story so far
Wade Forit no longer ;)

Gather round ye goblin wankers. so far a lot of stuff has happened. A guy mistakenly bet me a gold piece that I wouldn’t walk out of the mines alive. Boy was he wrong…I gotta get that. RIP oreos though. He…she…..there was a mask…was a nice ….er….person…..?……needs to learn to not wear lace shoes. That will be the death of anyone. The pirate had good rum, much of which I partook in. Alass ( ;) ) the jackass tried to stab me, and i wasn’t about that non-life, so that didn’t happen. we got through the mines with lots of souvenirs and a new 3 foot friend, hug hug. we got lots of cats….boy did those come in handy. then we got to kill a manticore with some country tavern assholes….cool hipogriffs, wont lie…but you could smell their snootiness from afar. manticore dicks are surprisingly light. Then we had a water dungeon and you should never say “WATER THOSE!!!” because then an asshole of a water elemental starts drowning you and the one guy who could probably yank you out of it. but that happened. and then we met this gem thing that turns into a robot with a weird data log. its nice not being the butt of the group anymore…but (hehehe) really no one should be the butt of a good party. lets cooler shit happen. so then we went to an elephant town and met a loxadon charlatan with a masculine build but a strangely feminine trunk. but we bro’d out none the less with a trunk bump. i think vahsa is suspicious of her brother… really she needs some of that dwarven mead i still have. if i experienced death three times (OH WAIT IM AT TWO) id be drowning my sorrows in a barrel of that stuff in a heartbeat. i digress. then we went to some weird lava chamber (why? because warforged santa is weird) and thats where the CATastrophe started. (see what i did there?) we’re down to six cats, one of which i have….they aint getting it. so lots of dying happened. and then the charlitan fucked us over and triggered a volcanic eruption. he’s good at sneaking though, and his lady trunk is oddly useful. you ever pole vaulted with a trunk? it’s a lot of fun. more digression. so we got another thing from the dungeon, singed our feet and asses, and we live to fight another day. oh and DEV YOU SADISTIC BASTARD WHY WOULD YOU KILL RATS FOR FUN?!

The PBH in nice online form!


Well, most of its there. It doesn’t appear to have feats and some other things.

Hey Team
What do

So now that we have this fancy thing, Create and/or update your characters on the characters section. If I already put you character down, ask and Ill give you the ownership of it.

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